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Creating an Open Floor Plan

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The open floor plan is a major trend in modern interior design, creating a sense of flow and togetherness. It gives the appearance of more space without looking empty and often allows more natural light to enter primary living spaces. If you’re considering a home renovation, an open floor plan can completely alter the look and feel of your home without sacrificing personality or charm.

Benefits of Choosing an Open Floor Plan

As you explore the changes that you want to make to update and streamline the space in your home, consider these benefits of an open floor plan:

  1. Creates space for entertaining. In closed off spaces, guests may need to travel between individual rooms to socialize with the host and other guests. An open floor plan breaks down barriers between living spaces, the dining room, and the kitchen. Develop a feeling of community when you open up these spaces for a better social experience.
  2. Fits every home style. Whether you’re interested in a country chic feel or a modern, urban environment, an open floor plan will add character to your space. Removing a wall or two won’t compromise the authenticity of a space. In fact, it may allow you to better highlight the architectural elements that make your home stand out.
  3. Maximizes space. If your home is on the smaller side, opening up the main living areas will create space. The square footage of your home won’t change, but it will feel much larger. Instead of adding an unnecessary room onto the home, consider maximizing the space that you already enjoy.
  4. Adds value to your home. Closed off spaces are old-fashioned and confining. Modern homeowners want spaces in which they can relax, entertain, and live. Instantly update a space and create flow when you invest in an open floor plan. Since this type of floor plan is in demand, you may recoup the cost of the renovation if and when you decide to sell.

Considerations for Opening Up Your Floor Plan

While many homeowners can benefit from an open floor plan, some factors may affect the feasibility of this renovation. An open floor plan renovation isn’t a DIY project. You may need help from an interior designer, project manager, and experienced renovation construction team to create the right effect. Here are some of the most common considerations and limitations that you may face during an open floor plan renovation:

  • Furniture considerations. Some families appreciate the privacy and intimacy of closed off spaces. When you open up the space, you may need to rethink décor and furniture arrangements to maintain visual flow. If you plan to add large partitions and dividers after the renovation, an open floor plan may not make as much sense as another renovation project.
  • Storage space. Knocking out a wall between a kitchen and a living room, or a living room and a dining room, may change cabinetry, closets, and any built-ins you currently enjoy. Talk with your designer about opportunities to maximize storage space while opening up living space.
  • Load bearing walls. Load bearing walls add to the structural integrity of your home. Taking out one of these walls and compensating for the load may add to the expense of the project and limit your options for an open design.
  • Rewiring, rerouting, and more. Creating an open floor plan from a closed one isn’t always as simple as demolishing a wall. During the process, electricians may need to rewire electrical lines. Your heating and air conditioning company may need to change the layout of the ductwork. The flooring, ceiling, and space where the wall meets other walls all require patching. If your current tile or living room flooring isn’t available, you may need a creative alternative to avoid re-flooring an entire room.

These considerations should help you understand the renovation process and what to expect from the change. At 58 Home Services, we offer complete renovation project management, planning, and design services. Our experienced team can help you achieve an open floor plan or another type of renovation on time and within your budget. Let us help you achieve the home of your dreams.